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Web Sites / Internet

Dear Dave
We recently established a company Web site that essentially amounts to a copy of our firm’s printed brochure. In the process of creating our site, we looked at a lot of competitors’ sites and didn’t see much else. In your experience, is this typical?
BJ Ontario

Dear BJ
My impression is pretty much the same. For the most part, today’s engineering and architectural Web sites are little more than electronic brochures. But I think this will be changing.

Beyond a brochure, some firms are beginning to add high value content specifically geared to make their site a useful, ongoing resource to their clients and potential clients. This could include timely legislative updates and technology news, a research database, maps and surveys, links to other related sites, etc. I am also aware of firms who develop specific Web sites for each major project. The project site becomes a central clearing house for the exchange of information and project communication.

I cannot even begin to tell you how it will happen (because it is way beyond me), but I fervently believe that within the next 5 to 10 years the Internet will have affected a dramatic and sweeping revolution as to how engineers practice. I envision the day when it will be common for engineers, architects, clients, construction managers, contractors, vendors, regulators, utilities, financiers and every other party to a project to work seamlessly, and with total integration, over the Net to complete projects. Manufacturing has already made major steps in this direction. Services are sure to follow.

It would behoove all to keep a careful and attentive watch to future developments in Internet use by professional service firms.

Wahby and Associates