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Position Wanted

Dear Dave
I am considering early retirement after 25 years with the federal government. I am a registered PE with a broad base of management experience in a niche of geotechnical engineering. I would like to work as a contract employee (or consultant) to engineering firms in this particular field. I would be available to work anywhere and would not need any benefits. Do engineering firms regularly obtain specialized talent on a contract basis? If so, how would I go about advertising my capability and availability?

Dear PD
Yes. Not only do firms retain specialized talent on a contract basis, they increasingly rely on the use of the contract method of employment to fill many other non-specialized positions as well. In today’s super-hot job market, it should not take any time at all for you to find what you’re looking for, and in the area of the country you prefer to boot. Although benefits are not an issue for you, many contract employees have benefits available to them when working through agencies.

To find that ideal position you could begin by placing a classified ad here in CENEWS or, with profound apologies to my wonderful and gifted editor, other similar industry publications. Alternatively, you could develop a list of firms you might be interested in working for and contact them directly with your resume and a letter expressing your interest. Finally, you could register yourself with technically-oriented contract employment agencies and they’ll do all the work for you. In your part of the country, try contacting Universal Resources, Duluth, Georgia (770-925-1065). In the Great Lakes area, check out Omega Technical, Brookfield, Wisconsin (1-800-447-0515). You may also contact either the local Manpower, Inc. office or the Arrow Technical office in the city nearest you.

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