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Performance Reviews

Dear Dave
Can you offer us any guidance as to how often performance reviews should occur? We currently do them annually, but we have been having discussions about doing them twice each year. A few of us even think quarterly reviews are the way to go.

Dear HU
If it was up to me, I’d like to see people management practices at firms improve to the point where the old “annual review” was as dead as the dinosaurs. In a perfect system, performance feedback, direction and counseling would occur day-in and day-out, on the fly, as a natural part of management and staff interaction. Unfortunately, at many firms, the only time anyone hears anything at all is during reviews, which keeps the need for this often awkward, anxiety-producing, time-consuming process in place. If by your firm going to more frequent reviews you feel you will be delivering more timely and specific insight, by all means please do so. But do devote some effort to developing behaviors which can improve your people skills to the point of someday making the need for any formal reviews at your firm completely redundant and unnecessary.

Wahby and Associates