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The First Day

Dear Dave
Do you have any tips we can use for getting a new employee off to a better start their first day with the firm? Typically, they will meet for most of the morning with our office manager to complete their tax and insurance forms and review the company policies and procedures manual. Beyond the morning, things are pretty informal. Someone from their department or work group will take them out to lunch and by afternoon they are reviewing projects or possibly working on an assignment.

Dear RW
Reorganize the first morning by getting new staff directly into their groups and working with peers right away. A tour of the office and meeting with key department personal should be part of this initial stage. If at all possible, arrange with new hires to complete the administrative paperwork in advance of their first working day on the job so as not to distract from a quick start on day one. If that is not an option, then postpone the office manager meeting until the end of the day, and then keep it as short as possible. Send some of the forms home overnight and let them bring them in the next morning with any questions they or their spouse may have.

Think beyond the first day and tightly script the entire first week. Be sure to fill any voids in new hires’ schedules to make sure they are kept active, engaged in learning about the company and their new positions. Don’t leave them to figure it out on their own as this only adds to the natural stress and anxiety of joining any new firm.

Wahby and Associates