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Daily Timesheets

Dear Dave
How many firms require their employees to fill out timesheets daily? Our firm began using a new software package earlier this year that came with an electronic timesheet feature that allows individuals to complete their timesheets at any time. Before the new system, we were each responsible to complete a paper timesheet and turn it in at the end of the week. Now, management insists that we do this each evening before leaving the office. I’m so busy most of the time I often forget to fill it out routinely, and just generally find this to be a real inconvenience.

Dear HG
Sorry, no sympathy here. Be it paper or on-line, timesheets should be completed daily. There are numerous benefits. The breakdown of time recorded is probably more accurate than if you were to wait until the end of the week to complete your timesheet… less Creative Writing 101. Also, project cost records are being updated in near real-time from one day to the next which can be important when budgets are tight. Daily updating might make it possible to get time and material based projects invoiced a few days earlier by not having to wait for the next timesheet cycle to get the history to bill.

Unfortunately, I have no statistics to share with you as to the percentage of firms who require this, but I would venture to say daily timesheets are becoming a much more common practice since on-line electronic timesheets are a common feature of all modern job costing and project management software packages. Hey, if you have ability, you might as well use it.

Wahby and Associates