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This page contains a selection of management question and answer columns previously published in CENEWS magazine.

  How Many Owners Coping with Crisis
  Taking the Plunge Tough Times Ahead
  Obstinate Partner To Plan or Not to Plan
  Ownership: Setting a Place at the Table Project Management Communication
  Management Burden Earn-Outs
  Global Outsourcing Liability and Retirement
  Professionally Frustrated Hiring a New Partner
  Ownership Plan Assistance Global Playing Field
  Silver Bullets Small Firm Ownership Transition
  Project Administrator Developing an Ownership Plan
  Ownership Stake Long Live the King
  Terms Are Cash Branching Out
  Too Much of a Good Thing Learning the Ropes
  Stock Price Strategic Planning Blahs
  Managing Through A Downturn Retreat Facilitator
  Does Size Matter? Merger Mania
  Who Should Own? Buying In—Need To Know
  Defining Project Management Recipe For Success
  Studio Organization Buy/Sell Agreements
  Tracking Hours Balance Sheets 101
  Salaried Hours Worked Engineering Accounting Software
  Job Costing Labor Ratios—One More Time
  Bank Guarantees Daily Timesheets
  Does Size Matter? Poor Cash Flow
  Principals' Salaries No To Profit Centers
  Payroll Charged to Projects Pay When Paid
  Manage the Gap Overhead Allocation
  Fee Setting Cash Poor
  Accounting Packages Key Ratios
  Company Budgets Direct Labor Rates
  How Much Profit? Finding The Numbers
  Lease Or Buy Overhead Defined
  More Overhead Cash Vs. Accrual
  Service Charges  
  Marketing ABC's What Now?
  Free Fall Why You?
  Closing the Deal Marketing Defined
  Web Sites / Internet Setting Up A Marketing Plan
  Marketing Materials Company Newsletter
  Finders Fee  
  Human Relations
  Better Bonus Paid Professional Development
  Keeping People What's Fair?
  Not the Best Firm to Work For A Cold Wind Blows
  Cheap on Training Timesheet Discipline
  Let's Ask the Staff Bully Principal
  Marginal Staff Work Hours - Paid Overtime
  Seating Chart Benefits Versus Cash
  Group Dynamics At Wits' End
  Staff Recycling Overtime Pay
  Bonus Standards Pay Ranges
  The First Day Personal Goals
  Evaluations and Pay Raises Principal Reviews
  Better Communications Salary Freeze
  Pension Plan Perks Position Wanted
  Home Work Performance Reviews
  Golden Parachute Help Wanted!
  Paid Vacation  
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